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Powered by TR-069, get the highly customizable and remote management of your devices.
Put MERCUSYS TR-069 devices into an existing system, or build your private ACS system for high scalability in the future.

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What is TR-069?

Technical Report 069 (TR-069), also known as CWMP (CPE WAN Management Protocol), is a technical specification of the Broadband Forum that defines an application layer protocol for remote management and provisioning of customer-premises equipment (CPE) connected to an Internet Protocol (IP) network. MERCUSYS recommends using SSL/TLS encryption to strengthen the security of the connections.

TR-069 Broadband Network CPE ACS

TR-069 Management Functions


    Auto Configuration

    When booted up, the CPE automatically requests the configuration from the ACS. The ACS also initiates the configuration when needed. Turning a service on/off becomes more flexible for an ISP.


    Firmware Upgrades

    With TR-069, ISPs can check the the firmware version of CPE through ACS. Both identification and deployment of the firmware comes more easily.


    Device Management

    To manage many connected devices more efficiently, TR-069 provides a grouping option for ISPs to organize the CPE.



    By using TR-069, ISPs can help customers to locate the problems of their CPE remotely, and even perform crucial troubleshooting online, which is more convenient and efficiency.


    Remote Diagnostics

    TR-069 provides solutions to remotely monitor the CPE’s network status and performance. Make schedulling regular diagnostics to prevent system leaks and keep it stable and strong.

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